3 American tourists found dead in Bahamas resort from unknown cause – a family

According to Fox News, an investigation is underway after three American tourists died and another was hospitalized at a resort in the Bahamas on Friday.

3 American tourists found dead in Bahamas resort from unknown cause

A villa at the resort where the incident occurred.

Bahamas authorities confirmed the bodies of two men and one woman were found at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort. Another woman was flown to the hospital, People reported.

Resort staff contacted George Town Police at around 9 a.m. local time when a man was found unconscious at the villa. Shortly thereafter, another man and woman were found unconscious in another villa.

The first man was found lying on the ground with no signs of injuries to his body. In the second apartment, the two victims were found to have convulsions, but there were no injuries.

The Bahamas Minister of Health, Michael Darville, told ABC News that some tourists attended a clinic Thursday with nausea and vomiting but were treated and evacuated. Among them are 3 victims mentioned above. Another woman was also hospitalized and is in stable condition.

Police have also confirmed the identity of the victims. Accordingly, one fatality is a man in his 60s named Vincent Chiarella from Alabama. He accompanied his wife Donnis to the Bahamas to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The woman, also in her 60s, was a survivor of the incident.

The couple’s son, Austin Chiarella, confirmed the news, saying he received a call from the US Embassy in the Bahamas on Friday night and spoke to his mother the next morning.

After contacting her son, Donnis said when she woke up she found her husband lying motionless on the floor. Her limbs were all swollen, she could not move and had to cry out for help.

When Brother Austin received the bad news, he was deeply saddened. “Dad is everything to me,” he shared.

Mr Darville said they were working to ensure there was no public health risk and said it was an “isolated incident”.

Acting Prime Minister of the Bahamas Chester Cooper announced on Friday that the cause of death has not yet been determined but that there is currently no evidence of a crime.

The affected resort’s management company declined to provide further information due to privacy concerns and said it was doing its best to assist the investigation and the families of the victims.

Source: ABC News, Fox News

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