79 days live like "hell" of a woman forced by her husband’s family to stay with a shaman

Saturday, May 14, 2022 13:00 (GMT+7)

Not only was the woman tortured by her husband and her husband’s family, but the woman was also forced to stay with the strange man and then endured terrible days.

unhappy marriage

The incident happened in Bhograi (Balasore District, Odisha State, India). A practicing shaman is accused of imprisoning and raping a married woman for 79 days.

79 days live like that "hell"  a woman who was forced by her husband's family to stay with a shaman - 1

The victim was raped many times during the 79 days she was forced to stay with the shaman. (Illustration)

The shocking incident came to light after the victim, a resident of the Raibania area, filed a complaint with the police on May 6, 2022, accusing her husband and her husband’s family of forcing her to work with a shaman named SK Toraff staying at home on the grounds that the man could help resolve the couple’s marital conflict.

According to the ad, the victim married Nilamani on June 22, 2017. At the time, the victim’s family responded to all requests from the man’s family. However, after only about six months of marriage, their marriage began to crumble due to many conflicts. The two families have held several meetings to resolve the dispute, but to no avail.

After that, her husband’s family members started to torture her. Unable to bear this, the victim asked her husband to intervene, but the man refused, saying that he could not disobey his parents.

One day, the victim’s mother-in-law, Gita Rani, returned home and told her that she knew a shaman named SK Toraff who could solve all the marital problems of a son and a daughter-in-law. Gita then took the two children to the village of Bainchdiha to meet Toraff, despite the victim’s disapproval.

After hearing everything, Toraff insisted that all marital conflicts between the couple would be resolved if the wife would comply with his request and stay with him for a few months.

When the woman heard this, she immediately protested violently. However, her husband and mother-in-law agreed and forced her to stay. The victim can only accept.

79 days of horror

And when the victim’s husband and mother-in-law left the house of Toraff, the woman’s terrible days officially began.

The woman said that during the 79 days she was raped by Toraff many times. Each time she tried to protest, but to no avail.

Finally, on April 28, the woman also fled when she saw the shaman’s phone left at home. The victim quickly texted her parents about the situation and address so they could come to her rescue. The victim’s parents immediately alerted the police and rescued her from Toraff’s house the same day.

Returning home, the victim filed a complaint. Besides the shaman Toraff, she also accused Nilamani Jena – her husband and the entire family-in-law including father-in-law Purnachandra, mother-in-law Gita Rani and brother-in-law Suryamani.

Currently, the magician has been arrested. Police said the victim was being medically evaluated at the hospital and those involved were still being held for examination.

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