82nd day of hostilities: Britain said Belarus could hold back Ukrainian troops

Ukraine’s eastward advance may be delayed due to Belarusian special forces across the border related to fierce fighting in the Donbass region.

“The presence of Belarusian forces near the border can hold back Ukrainian units, preventing them from being used for operations in the region. Donbass‘ said the UK Ministry of Defense in the March 16 Military Situation Update.

The information is related to the announcement by the Belarusian military last week that it would announce the deployment of special forces on the southern border in three tactical directions, accusing Kyiv of massing 20,000 troops in that area, prompting Minsk to launch countermeasures .

In the photo published at the end of April, Russian rocket artillery hit a target in the Kharkov province in north-eastern Ukraine. Photo: AFP.

In the photo published at the end of April, Russian rocket artillery hit a target in the Kharkov province of north-eastern Ukraine. AFP.

“There is evidence that US-made counter-reaction radars were stationed near the border in the region ovruch, Northern Ukraine. The country gathers about 10,000 soldiers towards Rivnewith 6,000 inhabitants in Ovruch and 4,500 in Chernihivalong with artillery units equipped with modern American weapons and air defense forces,” said Deputy Chief of Staff of the Belarusian Army Igor Korol.

The Belarusian official added that Ukrainian forces have laid mines on nearby roads and bridges and reinforced troops patrolling the border. “Everyone is armed, there is a possibility of a provocative situation,” General Korol said.

The Russian Defense Ministry today accused Ukraine’s special services of creating a fake scene to blame the Russian military for the use of chemical weapons in hostilities.

“Ukrainian special forces detonated a land mine buried with a ton of ammonium nitrate at a farm near the village of Mazanovka in the Oblast region. Donetsk this afternoon. The explosion created a toxic cloud about a kilometer high and spread to the Kramatorsk region. A similar action was carried out by Ukrainian security forces on May 11 near the village of Dolgenkoye in Kharkov province,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

82nd day of hostilities: Britain says Belarus can hold back Ukrainian troops

In the video released on May 16, Russian mortar batteries took part in the war in Ukraine. Video: Zvezda.

The Russian military also announced that it had reached an agreement on evacuating wounded soldiers after negotiations with representatives of the Ukrainian armed forces who were under siege at the Azovstal iron and steel factory in the southern city. Mariupol. “The ceasefire will be enforced during the evacuation and the wounded Ukrainian soldiers will be taken to a hospital in the nearby city of Novoazovsk,” Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Ukrainian officials have not commented on these reports.

governor of the province Kharkiv Oleh Sinegubov announced that Ukrainian forces pushed back Russian forces from the outskirts of the country’s second largest city and moved closer to the Russian border.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry also released an image showing a Ukrainian military unit standing next to a border marker with Russia in Kharkov. The agency said on Facebook that the 227th battalion of the 127th brigade of the Ukrainian army had approached the Russian border. However, Ukrainian officials have not specified how many troops are near Russian territory and in which border areas they are fighting.

Russia did not comment on the information. Recently, Ukraine has repeatedly announced a counterattack and drove Russian forces out of Kharkov.

Ministry of War in Ukraine.  Graphic: Washington Post.

Ministry of War in Ukraine. Graphic: Washington Post.

Lugansk Governor Serhiy Gaidai said the situation “still remains complicated” as Russian forces attempt to seize the city. Sieverodonetsk. According to the Office of the President of Ukraine, clashes are taking place around the city Kherson in the south and Russian missiles hit many targets in the city Mykolayiv vicinity.

After more than 80 days of fighting, the war in the Donbass region turned into a tug-of-war between Russia and Ukraine, especially in areas with difficult terrain. US Intelligence Director Avril Haines said both Russia and Ukraine “believe they can continue to make military advances, so we don’t see a viable avenue for negotiation, at least in the short term.”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has so far registered more than 6.2 million Ukrainians who left the country after February 24, when Russia launched a military campaign to “demilitarize and defascize Ukraine”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported a total of 7,564 civilian casualties in Ukraine, of whom 3,668 died and 3,896 were injured, but warned the real number could be much higher.

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