A 5-year-old girl was kidnapped right in the apartment lobby: her next action was too clever and sent the trafficker straight to jail – Channel 14

Recently, the story of a 5-year-old girl who was kidnapped in Hubei, China caught the attention of netizens. While playing in the yard of the apartment, she was forcibly taken away by a trafficker. Because it was lunchtime, there were very few people there, so she couldn’t call for help.

Despite being kidnapped, this child was very calm and obediently listened to the kidnapper without resisting. It was this wisdom of hers that caused the trafficker to relax his guard. Then, while walking on the street, as soon as the traffic police passed, the child took the opportunity to call for help.

A 5-year-old girl was kidnapped just below the hallway of the apartment: her subsequent action was too clever and sent the trafficker straight to jail - photo 1.

The girl obediently followed the trafficker.

Because before that, the girl was very good, so the bad guys just thought that she was yelping, but did not expect that she actually gave the traffic police her family details and the method of contacting her parents. The police also called immediately to confirm and successfully rescued the girl within a short time. Later, the police also arrested the kidnapper’s accomplices.

A 5-year-old girl was kidnapped just below the apartment hallway: her subsequent action was too clever and sent the trafficker straight to jail - photo 2.

The girl then gave the information to the police.

The story has garnered widespread attention after being shared online. Most of the comments praised the 5-year-old girl’s intelligence and calmness. If I had panicked and fought back then, it would have been much more difficult to escape. Also, you can see that the family has also done a good job in teaching their children to remember important information.

So how should parents teach their children soft skills in daily life to avoid dangerous situations like kidnapping?

Teach your kids to be careful around strangers

Teaching your child not to interact with strangers is a very important lesson. Parents must teach their children: there is nothing wrong with yelling and making noise if your child is uncomfortable with a stranger approaching them. Teach your child to say no, run, yell, and tell others when they feel threatened or upset.

Also, teach your child not to haphazardly accept sweets from strangers. If someone asks for help, refuse because when there is a problem, everyone seeks help from an adult, not a child.

Also, teach your kids the concept of what is a stranger.

Teach your child to play in class and in the school yard and not to follow strangers

For preschool or 1st grade children, parents can ask the teacher to give the child only to parents or relatives who have previously registered information. More specifically, parents can ask the teacher to call to confirm if someone unexpectedly picks up their child. Older children should be instructed by parents to only play in class or in the schoolyard and wait for parents to pick them up. Never follow strangers.

Teach your child to remember important phone numbers

Teach your children to remember their parents’ phone numbers or 113, call their parents or the police immediately if necessary. Also, teach your children who to turn to for help in dangerous situations. These are people in uniform like police officers, soldiers, security forces, …

Teach your kids to run in the opposite direction when cars approach

In addition to reminding children that under no circumstances should children get into a stranger’s car, parents need to teach their children another equally important skill: if a car is approaching your child and the people in the car are trying to get their attention, pay attention , invite a ride out, … then you have to run in the opposite direction of the movement of the car. This gives them more time to seek help from those around them.

Do not reveal your child’s name

Parents should not write their children’s names on personal items such as school bags, shoes or lunch boxes… This makes it easier for strangers to access your child’s personal information. Some studies show that knowing the child’s name is an easy way for strangers to gain trust. Therefore, parents should write down the family’s phone number in case things get lost or if the child gets lost, needs help,…

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