Angry mother hit son after hearing she had third grandchild

Thursday, May 19, 2022 4:45 p.m. (GMT+7)

Internet users showed great sympathy for the mother’s actions and criticized the son for his irresponsibility at birth.

For wealthy families who can afford to hire a maid, grandparents can enjoy their old age in peace. In contrast, in normal families the children are busy with work, often entrusting all child care to the grandparents.

Mr. Li in China has 2 children, the first is a boy, now he attends class 1 private school. The annual tuition fee is more than 30,000 yuan (more than 100 million dong). The second child is a 2-year-old daughter who is cared for by her grandmother. The grandparents and parents of the two children have to work to earn money while the grandmother stays at home to take care of the food and clean the house.

Mr. Ly’s mother turns 60 this year, she often says “I hope my niece will go to kindergarten soon so I can be free“. The day when her granddaughter will start kindergarten is not far away, the family plans to send her to school in six months, when she turns 3 years old. When the two children go to school, Grandma will definitely have more time to relax.

An angry mother slapped her son when she heard she had a third grandchild - 1

An angry mother hit her son when she heard she was about to have a third child.

But one day while cleaning her son’s room, she discovered that there was a pregnancy test with 2 very bold lines. This pregnancy test can’t belong to anyone else, she thought, holding her face and wailing.My daughter-in-law has heaven again“.

When her son and daughter-in-law came back in the evening, she immediately asked for the pregnancy test. Mr. Lee said hesitantly, “That’s the truth mom. We’re debating whether we should have this child“.

When she heard her son say this, she scolded: “Are you a pig? You already have a son and a daughter and want another baby, what do you do with a lot of kids?”. she said while hitting her son.

Afterwards she complained that her husband was so old that he still had to work to pay for his grandchildren’s school fees and I stayed at home all day to take care of him. She is waiting for her granddaughter to go to kindergarten, how can she continue suffering at home to take care of her third grandchild.

She also told her son directly: “How dare you give birth to a third child. Hurry to the hospital to get it done”.

When the daughter-in-law heard her mother-in-law say this, she contradicted her and said that she could not leave her child.

Granted, having three children is a parent’s choice, but couples should be responsible for their children when they are born. The care of grandparents for their grandchildren is out of love, not the duty of education. Parents are the ones who are responsible for the care of their children and who have to fulfill their obligations, they cannot entrust everything to grandparents.

When some young couples want to have children, the first question that arises is whether the grandparents will take care of the children. Of course, grandparents will help a little to create conditions for their children to work, but they cannot rely on everyone. Growing up with grandparents is absolutely not good for a child’s development. Grandparents have worked hard all their lives to raise their children and now they are still busy taking care of their grandchildren when they are old, which is unacceptable.


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