Beijing Medical Director Fired

China fired the Beijing Health Commission director as the city continued to increase infections despite maintaining restrictions.

Chinese state news agency Xinhua On May 25, it was reported that the director of the Beijing Health Commission, Wu Luming, was fired on suspicion of “grave violations of discipline and the law.” Xinhua said Mr Vu would be subject to disciplinary review and investigation, but did not elaborate.

Sheet News from Beijing It was also reported on the same day that Vice Mayor Vuong Hong had tendered his resignation but gave no further details. Chinese officials who fail to contain the outbreak of Covid-19 are often fired or disciplined.

Former head of the Beijing Health Commission Yu Luming.  Photo: Caixin.

Former Director of the Beijing Health Commission Yu Luming. Picture: Caixin.

Beijing has reported hundreds of Covid-19 cases in recent weeks as the city suffers from an outbreak of the Omicron strain. For the past week, Beijing has recorded about 50 new cases every day.

The Chinese capital has ordered millions of people to work from home and shut down most bus and subway services to prevent the spread of the virus. Thousands of city dwellers have also had to move to isolation hotels after their homes recorded a spate of infections. Many parks, restaurants, schools and shops in Beijing are closed.

China has continued to implement its “No Covid-19” policy, imposing blockade orders and restricting movement in many cities, even as much of the world has chosen to live with the epidemic.

China currently has 223,605 infections and 5,224 deaths from Covid-19, according to World Meters. The number of critical cases in the country stands at 187, while more than 214,600 people have recovered.

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