Biden warns US officials not to reveal information about Ukraine

President Biden said it was necessary to stop sharing U.S. intelligence data with Ukraine in the media, according to the unnamed official.

President Joe Biden spoke by phone with Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director William Burns, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Avril Haines and the Secretary of Defense, two administration officials said on condition of anonymity, Lloyd Austin, in which the President of the White House claimed that media reports of US-Ukraine intelligence sharing were not constructive.

“Mr. Biden’s message is that disclosure of such information is inconsistent with U.S. goals,” one said, while the other said the U.S. President had asked to stop the leaking of messages for the media.

The CIA and DNI office declined to comment, while the Pentagon and National Security Council did not respond to requests for comment.

President Biden during a visit to a smelter in the state of Ohio, USA, on May 6th.  Photo: AFP.

President Biden during a visit to a smelter in the state of Ohio, USA, on May 6th. Picture: AFP.

Sheet New York Times On May 4, the country’s intelligence agency, citing unnamed senior US officials, provided information on the locations of many Russian commanders participating in the military operation in Ukraine and predicted the move based on an assessment of Moscow’s operational plan in eastern Donbass Ukraine.

US National Security Council (NSC) spokeswoman Adrienne Watson denied the information, calling those who said the US helped Ukraine depose the Russian commander “irresponsible”.

ABC and The New York Times later also quoted unnamed officials as saying that US intelligence may have provided data that helped Ukraine sink a Russian flagship in the Black Sea in April, adding that Washington was not involved process, decided to bomb the Russian flagship.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on May 5 denied the information. “We are not involved in the decision to attack the ship, nor in Ukraine’s activities,” he said, claiming that Ukraine has its own intelligence capabilities to track and attack Russian naval ships.

The Kremlin said Russia was well aware that the United States, Britain and other NATO members regularly provide intelligence to Ukraine’s military, but insisted that this “would not prevent Russia from achieving its goals.”

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