clip "love green beard" Getting a real lesson from a girl makes netizens gleeful

The incident took place at a subway station in the city of Guangzhou (China), captured by surveillance cameras. According to local media, the incident happened when a girl, whose identity has not been released, was riding the subway when a man sexually abused her.

After the train arrived at the last station, this girl took the initiative to go down to the platform and wait for the “blue-bearded lover” who groped her. When she saw this guy get off the train, the girl immediately ran to grab his collar and throw him to the ground.

At first everyone on the platform was confused and surprised, because they did not know what was happening, but when the girl clarified that the man had sexually abused her, many people immediately rushed to help, the girl summed up the name “bluebearded Lover”.

The police were also called to investigate the accident.

The clip of the moment the girl taught the “blue-bearded lover” a lesson quickly went viral after being posted on social media. Many netizens expressed glee when the perverted man had to receive the appropriate lesson, while many people expressed their admiration for the molested girl’s tough and strong attitude.

“Not everyone who is in the same situation as the girl has the courage and strength to expose and teach such a lesson to the pervert.

“I was a ‘Bluebeard’ victim and was harassed on the bus ride. I was very scared at the time, just stood there and waited and hoped that it would all be over quickly.

When I saw this girl daring to stand up to react to the pervert I was very impressed and hoped to have the same strength as this girl,” one girl commented after watching the clip.

“Fortunately, the people around were able to help the girl catch the pervert in time, otherwise it would be difficult for the girl alone to catch this guy and hand him over to the police. Perverts deserve to be punished to repeat the offense in the future,” commented another netizen.

According to local media, the man in the incident, surnamed To, played a pervert and will most likely be punished for groping and insulting the honor of others.

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