‘Hero’ in US supermarket shoot

A security guard was killed trying to stop an attacker in a shooting that killed at least 10 people in upstate New York.

On the afternoon of May 14, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, wearing a bulletproof vest, burst into the Tops Friendly supermarket in Buffalo, New York, and shot those present with a rifle. The shooting was broadcast live via a camera mounted on his hat. In this situation, a security guard rushed over to try to stop him.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown identified the security guard as Aaron Salter, 55, a retired former city police lieutenant after 27 years of service. Loved by the community, Mr. Salter knows almost every customer who shops at Tops Friendly Market.

As Grendon opened fire, he repeatedly shot the attacker, hitting him at least once but unable to penetrate the bulletproof vest. Mr Salter was later shot dead by Grendon.

Aaron Salter, a former Buffalo police officer, was a security guard who died in a shooting at a Tops Friendly convenience store in Buffalo on the afternoon of May 14.  Provide family photos.

Aaron Salter, former Buffalo police officer. Picture: Daily Beast.

“He’s a real hero,” Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said May 15. “If he hadn’t acted, there could have been more victims.”

Buffalo city officials said suspect Payton Gendron had “clear intentions” to kill people of color. Salter was one of 10 people killed in the incident and three others were injured, two of them in critical condition.

“He’s a hero, I’m pretty sure he saved lives today,” said Aaron Salter III, Salter’s son.

After retirement, Mr. Salter focused on realizing his dream of building green energy vehicles. For this purpose he founded his own company called AWS Hydrogen Technologies.

“Aaron is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met,” Salter’s friend Roscoe C. Henderson shared on social media after the incident. “Today is painful.”

“Words cannot describe the bravery of our retired colleague Aaron Salter. He confronted the suspect to save the lives of others, may he rest in peace,” John Garcia, Erie County Sheriff, in upstate New York, told a May 15 press conference.

Duc Trung (Corresponding USA News/Today/People)