Hungary declares a state of emergency over the war in Ukraine

On the night of May 24, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Ornight declared the country a state of emergency due to hostilities in Ukraine.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban’s move comes just hours after the country’s parliament approved a package of measures that will allow the Budapest government to respond to crisis situations.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Photo: AP

“The state of emergency in Hungary will come into effect at midnight on May 24 and the measures will be announced the next day. To protect Hungary’s national security interests, to ensure we stay away from hostilities and protect Hungarian families, the government must have coordination capacity and the ability to act immediately,” Orban said.

According to RT, the Hungarian parliament had previously approved a constitutional amendment giving the prime minister the power to declare a state of emergency in the event of hostilities or a humanitarian disaster in the neighboring country.

Immediately after Prime Minister Orban declared a state of emergency for all of Hungary, some opposition politicians voiced criticism: “This will allow Mr Orban to ‘rule by decree’ and outmaneuver many lawmakers.”

Tuan Tran