Laos opens on September 5th.

Visitors who have received two full doses of the vaccine to enter Laos do not need testing requirements.

Government spokesman and Deputy Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Office Thipphakone Chanthavongsa made the announcement during a meeting in Vientiane on May 7. Covid-19 cases in Laos have dropped significantly and to get the economy going again, the government has coordinated with ministries and agencies to introduce new entry measures.

With reasonable price incentive policy, Hanoi to Vientiane road tours, Laos-Thailand Friendship Border Gate, Paksan costs VND 4.7 million per person, Vientiane - Udonthani, Thailand tour from VND 5.7 million, million dong per guest.  Photo: SMMR

With reasonable pricing policy, Road Tours from Hanoi to Vientiane, Laos-Thailand Friendship Border Gate, Paksan costs VND 4.7 million per person, Vientiane – Udonthani Tour, Thailand from VND 5.7 million copper per guest. Picture: SMMR

After consulting people and experts, the National Task Force Committee for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 has proposed new entry measures that will apply from May 9th. International border gates are open to welcome citizens and international visitors. Visitors are only required to bring a certificate of two vaccine doses and are not required to undergo additional testing upon arrival by land, sea or air.

Unvaccinated persons aged 12 and over must undergo a rapid test within 48 hours of departure and present a document upon arrival. Visitors to Laos infected with Covid-19 must cover their own medical treatment and isolation costs. In addition, the government has also reopened entertainment venues and karaoke bars. However, guests must still strictly comply with epidemic prevention measures.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Bac, representative of PhucGroup-Laos International Travel Center, advised Vietnamese tourists to wait until after May 15 as Laos will issue detailed instructions for entry at that time to avoid problems. Currently, tours to Laos are sold from 4.7 million per person for four days and three nights and by road. Tour Laos – Thailand costs from 5.7 million per person.

“Laos is a Buddhist country and a neighbor with a close and close relationship with Vietnam. Vietnamese tourists like to experience the contemplation of the ancient capital, Luangphabang, or like to explore colorful Vientiane with its towers. Thatluang, Simuong Pagoda, Buddha Beach… with different cuisines. Vietnamese tourists in Laos are mainly tourists to discover the culture, veterans return to the source…” Mr. Bac shared.

Mr Minh