NATO Holds Massive Exercises Right Next to Russia – VietnamNet

The Hedgehog 2022 exercise involving the United States and more than 10 allied countries opened yesterday (May 16) in Estonia.

According to news agency RT, the exercise will involve 15,000 troops from 14 countries, including many North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries and a number of bloc partner countries such as Sweden, Finland, Georgia and Ukraine. The content of the exercise relates to the Navy, Army and Air Force and training soldiers in cyber warfare skills.

The USS Kearsarge, one of the NATO warships participating in the exercise. Photo: US Navy

“Exercise Hedgehog 2022 started on May 16th. As one of the largest exercises in the region, it brings the Estonian Self-Defense Forces and more than 10 other countries closer together. Note the name of this event: like NATO, the hedgehog doesn’t attack others, but it knows how to protect itself,” Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas wrote on Twitter.

The US Navy later announced in a statement that exercises between its troops and the armies of Estonia and many other allied countries will take place in the Parnu, Saaremaa and Voru regions of Estonia.

“The Hedgehog 2022 is a great opportunity for our Sailors and Marines to train and learn with our allies. We look forward to the success of this exercise as a testament to the strength of our relationship with Estonia and our Baltic Sea partners. At the same time, the exercise is also a demonstration of our commitment to security and stability in the region,” said US Navy Capt. Robert J. Hallett.

Tuan Tran