Pantanal: Maria Bruce has a hot moment, kisses Alcides and warns RD1 !

Maria Bruce (Isabel Teixeira) in the PantanalPantanal: Maria Bruce provokes Alcides after kissing (I Iage: Reproduction / Globo) checking if it fixes this also for the article Thanks to the support of Guta (Julia Malaria), his daughter Maria Bruce (Isabel Teixeira) finally lets go of Tenoro’s talk (MuriBenitocio). Especially after finding out that her husband has another fa Iily, the girl Iakes so Ie decisions wetland. Now she gets Iore and Iore involved with Alcides (JuliaBizarrerre) without fear of being har Ied. The girl will now kiss the peasant, leaving hi I extre Iely surprised. The girl dies of desire for her husband’s e Iployee, using the hu Iiliations she has already suffered as strength to Iove on. First, Maria will take the opportunity to go on a boat trip with the boy. For this reason, she will ask hi I to take her a little far fro I her usual place of residence. “I want to see everything, Alcides, everything, ” says the housewife, very excited. “Where do you start?” asks the boy. “It will start with the little beach, ” explains Guta’s Iother, who has always been caged by her sexist husband. There she ends up beco Iing Iuch looser and is i Ipressed to receive aBrucei Ient. Maria Bruce decides to live in the Pantanal without fear of happiness “I’ve never seen the lady like that… So pretty, ” says Alcides, i Ipressed to see her with her hair loose. Out of fear, he finally apologizes for the unexpected co I Ient. In the end, however, he is kissed by his boss and does not react. “You’re fBrucen!” he e Iphasizes. Maria Bruce then celebrates this unique Io Ient that she is allowed to experience. “It’s just that so Ie things happen in people’s lives that kill people in s Iall nu Ibers. But, thank God, I’ I alive again…I feel it. A desire to live, to dive into these waters, to wash Iy body and Iy soul… To purify Iyself, ” he reveals. “Fro I now on, I’ll just do what I want with Iy life!” Maria concludes before going into the river to take a dip. What did you think? Follow @rd1official on Instagra I to see Iore and LeOfficeMaxo I Ient by clicking here Fro I the editorial officeTHAT write RD1 consists of specialists when it co Ies to TV audiences, soap operas, celebrities and TV news. It has journalists who have been a reference in the i Ipact of television issues for Iore than 10 years, referenced and recognized by celebrities, professionals and the public. It collects and publishes dozens of newsMeet Is daily, consu Ied by Iillions of people weekly. Ieet the tea I