President Macron has “never” asked Ukraine to cede land to Russia

This statement was made in response to an earlier statement by Mr. Zelensky.

In an interview with Italian TV channel Rai 1 on May 12, Ukraine’s president said his French counterpart had suggested he try to “find a way out for Russia” so that the conflict in Ukraine could end.

Macron also warned that Europe should avoid making Russia feel humiliated.

President Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron

President Zelenskyy commented on this in the interview, saying: “Proposing to us something that belongs to our sovereignty, so as not to humiliate Mr. Putin, it doesn’t seem right for some leaders to say that when they say that. It’s just a waste of time. “


However, the Elysee Palace insisted Emmanuel Macron “never” asked Mr Zelenskyy for concessions.

The French Presidential Office said: “Mr. Macron has always claimed that the terms of the negotiations with the Russians will be decided entirely by the Ukrainians. The French President has never discussed anything with Vladimir Putin without his approval from President Zelenskyy.”

President Macron is one of the few Western leaders who continue to engage in direct dialogue with President Putin amid the conflict in Ukraine. However, he is also determined to tighten sanctions against Moscow, including tougher sanctions on Russian energy. In addition, he also approved the delivery of arms to Kyiv.