Putin’s remarkable message ahead of Victory Day in Russia

President Vladimir Putin, in a speech ahead of the 77th anniversary of the victory over fascism in Russia, reiterated that the victory “will be ours as it was in 1945”.

“Today, like their ancestors, our soldiers fight side by side to liberate their homeland, believing that victory will be ours again as it was in 1945,” the Kremlin continued, quoting President Putin’s speech to the post-Soviet countries On the occasion of Victory Day on May 9, according to the TASS news agency.

The Russian leader stressed in his speech that “the common task today is to prevent a resurgence of Nazism, which caused so much suffering to people in different countries.” “It is necessary to preserve and pass on to our children the truth about war events, our shared spiritual values ​​and our tradition of brotherly friendship,” Putin said, adding that he wished the next generation would live to live up to it become the memory of their ancestors.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: TASS

In his speech, President Putin also noted that fascism was defeated 77 years ago thanks to the bravery and heroism of soldiers, resilience and dedication of those who served on the homeland’s front lines. “Countless sacrifices have become indispensable to our lives and freedom in the name of our common victory. This anniversary must not be forgotten,” the Russian leader reiterated.

“Unfortunately, the current National Socialism has once again raised its head and tried to impose its inhumane order,” Putin noted. “Our sacred duty is to stop those who want to adopt the ideology of Nazism.”

Moreover, on Victory Day, the Russian President sent his wishes to the veterans and people of Ukraine, calling it “a great celebration of the Commonwealth” and hoping that “all Ukrainians will have a peaceful and just future.” Ukraine was also a former Soviet state until it declared independence in 1991.

Russia began its special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, stating that one of its goals is to “demilitarize” and “defascize” the neighboring country.

Recent polls show that most Russians support military action in Ukraine, and Putin’s approval rating is rising.