Russia announced a raid on how US artillery was transferred to Ukraine

Russia has released video of an attack on a M777 howitzer battery brought into Ukraine by the US during an ambush in the central region of that country.

Major General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for Russia’s Defense Ministry, announced today that the country’s missile and artillery forces have engaged a number of targets in Ukraine, including an M777 howitzer near a residential area in Podgornoye, in the central part of the country.

Video released by the Russian Defense Ministry on the same day shows the M777 howitzer being used in an open area before a shell hits several meters away.

Spotting an ambush, the Ukrainian unit hastily pulled artillery into the nearby forest. The Russian UAV continued to track the target, while many projectiles continued to hit this forest.

Russia released a video about the destruction of American shells sent to Ukraine

In video released May 18, Russian forces raided Ukraine’s M777 artillery site. Video: Russian Defense Forces.

The damage to the M777 artillery battery, as well as the type of weapon used by Russia to conduct the raid, is unknown. This may be the first M777 howitzer the US deployed to Ukraine, which was attacked by Russian forces.

Ukraine did not comment on the information.

General Konashenkov also said that Russian forces have attacked 76 Ukrainian command posts, 421 areas where troops and military equipment were concentrated, and 147 artillery and mortar units stationed on the battlefield.

The US Embassy in Ukraine announced on May 15 that it had completed the delivery of 89 M777 howitzers to the eastern European country as part of an $800 million support package.

General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, published a photo on May 13 of Ukrainian soldiers firing M777 cannons on the battlefield, but did not reveal the exact location. General Zaluzhnyi praised the M777 gun as “a very highly accurate and very effective weapon”.

After Russia opened a special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, the West increased its aid to the eastern European country with a variety of heavy weapons.

Germany and the Netherlands announced that they will deliver 12 Panzerhaubitze 2000 (PzH 2000) 155 mm self-propelled artillery systems to Ukraine, while France plans to transfer “several CAESAR guns and thousands of shells”.

Location Podgornoye residential area in Ukraine.  Graphic: Washington Post.

Location Podgornoye residential area in Ukraine. Graphic: Washington Post.

The M777 155mm howitzer is said to be the most modern weapon that the West is transferring to Ukraine. The M777 has a digital fire control system similar to SPGs and can fire conventional ammunition with a maximum range of 24.7 km or high-precision M982 Excalibur ammunition, reaching the maximum range of about 40 km.

US President Joe Biden’s administration decided to move M777 heavy artillery to Ukraine after realizing that hostilities in the Eastern European country had entered a new phase and Kyiv needed weapons with stronger offensive capabilities.

Nguyen Tien (Corresponding Zvezda)