Shooting at a supermarket, 10 people died

AmericaThe suspect was broadcasting live as he opened fire on a convenience store in Buffalo, New York, killing at least 10 people.

Police said the attacker, wearing a bulletproof vest over a military uniform, entered Buffalo’s Tops Friendly Market convenience store on the afternoon of May 14 and shot those present with a rifle. The shooting was broadcast live via a camera mounted on his hat.

“He left his car with a lot of guns. He also had tactical gear. He also brought a camera to broadcast live what’s going on,” City Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said in a news conference.

Police block the scene of a shooting in Buffalo, New York state, May 14.  Photo: AP.

Police block the scene of a shooting in Buffalo, New York state, May 14. Picture: AP.

Gramaglia said the gunman shot four people outside the supermarket and three of them died. The suspect then entered and shot several other victims. A security guard, a retired Buffalo police officer, shot the gunman multiple times but hit the bulletproof vest and was unable to stop him. The gunman then killed the guard.

The incident occurred in a residential area with a large concentration of black people a few miles north of downtown Buffalo.

“This is the worst nightmare that can happen to any community,” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said at the news conference. “The pain that the victims’ families and our people are going through cannot even be described in words.”

The attacker was identified as Payton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, a residential area also in upstate New York about 200 miles southeast of Buffalo.

At least 10 people died in a shooting at a supermarket

The Tops Friendly Market supermarket in Buffalo was closed following the May 14 shooting. Video: Fox News.

A spokesman for Twitch, the platform on which the attackers live streamed the shooting, said the video was shut down just two minutes after the violence erupted.

Erie County Sheriff John Garcia called the shooting a hate crime. “This is sheer cruelty rooted in racial motives,” he said.

The shooting comes more than a year after the March 2021 attack on a King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, Colorado that killed 10 people. Investigators have not released a reason why the attacker targeted the supermarket in this attack.

Vu Hoang (Corresponding AP)