Shooting suspect killed 10 people over hatred

AmericaThe US Department of Justice said the suspect who shot dead 10 people in a supermarket is under investigation for a racial hatred crime.

US officials say 11 of the 13 people suspected to be 18-year-old Payton Gendron who was attacked at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo on the afternoon of May 14 were black. The supermarket is located in the heart of the black community in Buffalo, New York.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said May 14 the agency was investigating the shooting as a “hate crime and racially motivated act of extreme violence.”

“The Department of Justice is committed to conducting a full and prompt investigation and demanding justice for innocent victims,” ​​Garland said.

Suspect Payton Gendron, 18, appeared in court on May 14.  Photo: AP

Suspect Payton Gendron, 18, appeared in court on May 14. Picture: AP

On May 14, Gendron, wearing a bulletproof vest over his military uniform, burst into Buffalo’s Tops Friendly Market on the afternoon of May 14 and shot people with a rifle. The shooting was broadcast live via a camera mounted on his hat.

Gendron, 18, of Conklin, a residential area also in upstate New York about 200 miles southeast of Buffalo. He was charged with first-degree murder, the highest level of US criminal law, and demonstrated the perpetrator’s deliberate and planned behavior in order to attack the victim.

Gendron pleaded not guilty. Painted on Gendron’s weapon is an “n”, an acronym meaning contempt for colored people.

Investigators are examining a 180-page manifesto posted online with the author’s name, Payton Gendron. He admitted to being the perpetrator of the attack and called himself a white racist fascist and anti-Semitist. He said he had been buying ammunition for a long time, but was not planning a serious attack until January.

US President Joe Biden, members of Congress unanimously condemned the shooting and white supremacy and called for action to combat terrorism in the United States.

“Racially motivated hate crimes are having a very bad impact on the fundamentals of the nation,” Biden said. “Any act of domestic terrorism, including acting in the name of despicable white supremacy, goes against all the values ​​we hold for America.”

“Hate will not be tolerated. We must make every effort to end hate-fueled domestic terrorism.”

Congressman Jamaal Bowman of New York condemned the shooting “as an act of a racially motivated extremist attack by a white fundamentalist” and expressed his condolences to “the family and community,” the dead and wounded.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley called white supremacy and gun violence “a serious threat to every community in the United States, and the brutal, hateful, clearly targeted shootings in Buffalo are unfathomable.” She called on the legislature to quickly introduce concrete measures by law.

Hong Hanh (Corresponding CNN)