The First Lady of Korea is interviewed

Seoul police plan to question South Korea’s First Lady Kim Keon-hee in writing after she was accused of falsifying academic records.

The Korea People’s Livelihood Economic Research Institute and many other civil society groups filed a complaint in December 2021 to accuse Ms. Kim Keon-hee of falsifying her academic and professional records in her 2013-2014 job application at the local university .

Seoul Police Chief Choi Gwan-ho said May 23 that he would send written interrogation questions to First Lady Kim Keon-hee after learning the stance of university officials regarding the matter.

Choi said the final decision will be made after receiving a reply from Ms. Kim. “We don’t make hasty decisions. Please understand that we have considered many questions,” said the Seoul police chief.

South Korea's First Lady Kim Keon-hee.  Photo: AFP.

South Korea’s First Lady Kim Keon-hee. Picture: AFP.

Born in 1972, the first lady of Korea studied painting at Kyonggi University and earned a master’s degree in art education, followed by a doctorate in digital content design.

Kim married President Yoon Suk-yeol in March 2012. In an interview in 2018, Mrs. Kim revealed that she has known Mr. Yoon for a long time and that the two were also praised as “matching” by friends.

This isn’t the only contentious issue affecting the First Lady of Korea. Kim has criticized the country’s #MeToo movement and publicly supported a former politician who is now in prison for rape. Earlier this year, she threatened to “lock up any reporter” who criticized her husband.

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