The great hawk kicks the pelican’s back up in the air

AmericaSeeing the brown pelican flying too close to the nest, the great hawk – the world’s fastest bird – immediately rushed to warn.

The big hawk flies to hunt the brown pelican.  Photo: Phoo Chan

The big hawk flies to hunt the brown pelican. Picture: Pho Chan

Photographer Phoo Chan captures an aerial encounter between great falcons and brown pelicans on Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego, California. post Office reported on 23.5. Phoo photographs from a distance of 30 meters and the interaction between them takes place within a second.

A flock of small brown pelicans flew near a large hawk’s nest, Phoo said. In a split second, the father bird flew out and kicked a pelican in the back with a powerful kick, causing it to tumble down and try to escape the attack.

“The great hawk protects the nest from birds that come too close. Frightened and injured, the brown pelican manages to escape. Very few attacks result in fatalities depending on whether the pelican is attacked. on which body part,” he explained.

The great hawk stepped on the pelican's back and forced it out of the nest.  Photo: Phoo Chan

The great hawk stepped on the pelican’s back and forced it out of the nest. Picture: Pho Chan

big cut (Falko peregrinus) is a bird of prey that can dive at speeds of over 320 km/h. Known for its incredible speed, it is the fastest bird in the world and the fastest animal. They have a wingspan of more than 1 m and often prey on birds and bats.

Meanwhile, the brown pelican (Pelecanus occidenalis) is a large, heavy-bodied seabird with slow flight. They usually eat the eggs and young of other birds. With a wingspan of 1.8 – 2.1 m, brown pelicans can reach speeds of around 50 km/h.

“Snapshots like this test your reflexes and agility. It’s not until you look at the details on your computer screen that you can tell exactly what happened. The naked eye cannot provide that. That accuracy just because it happened so quickly.” Pho said.

“Understanding basic bird behavior often helps prepare for good shots. For example, a bird’s body language tells you that it’s ready to take off from its perch. It is important to understand and respect nature so that people can continue to enjoy this passion in the future,” he shared.

Do Thao (Corresponding post Office)