The power of the warship was chosen by Russia as the new flagship for the Black Sea Fleet

The Russian Navy has selected a new flagship for the Black Sea Fleet, according to an unnamed Crimean Security Forces source.

“Since the battleship Moskva has sunk, one of the three Project 11356 frigates could become the new flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. In the end, the ship Admiral Makarov was chosen,” an unnamed source told TASS news agency earlier today (May 18).

Ship Admiral Makarov. Photo: TASS

The Admiral Grigorvich-class destroyer Admiral Makarov-class (project 11356) was built by Russia and entered service with the Black Sea Fleet as of 2018. The ship has a length of 124.8 m; 15.2 m horizontal ribs; Draft 4.2m. The ship has a maximum tonnage of more than 4,000 tons and a crew of up to 200 people.

Drawing of the Admiral Grigorvich class destroyer. Photo: The blueprints

According to the Russian military, the Admiral Makarov ship is equipped with a COGAG system consisting of four gas turbine engines with a total capacity of 60,900 hp. The train speed can reach 56 km/h with a range of up to almost 9,000 km.

Due to the naval combat, the Admiral Makarov ship is equipped with a variety of long-range radars that can detect targets at sea, in the air or under water. For example, the Fregat M2M radar equipped on the ship can detect enemy anti-ship missiles or aircraft at a distance of 50 and 230 km, respectively.

Fregat M2M radar. Photo:

The defensive weapon system installed on the Admiral Makarov ship is very diverse, with many types of weapons, such as the A-190 Arsenal artillery system, which uses 100mm projectiles; Ka-27 Helix anti-submarine helicopter and RBU-6000 multi-barreled anti-submarine system; 8 Igla-S anti-aircraft missile launchers; 24 vertical launchers (VLS) with 9M317M anti-aircraft missiles, 2 AK-630 automatic six-barreled cannons with 30mm ammunition, etc.

Video: Overview of the ship Admiral Makarov. Source: NTS Sevastopol

Tuan Tran