The reason why Russia does not speed up the operation in Ukraine

Russian Ambassador to the European Union (EU) Vladimir Chizhov said Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine was proceeding as planned, not as quickly as some would like.

Russian Ambassador to the EU. Photo: Reuters

In an interview with Sky News’ political editor, Chizhov said Russia could defeat Ukraine now if it wanted to, but Moscow has no intention of seizing Ukrainian territory.

“I can assure you that the special Russian operation in Ukraine is proceeding according to plan, not as fast as some would like. The operation is progressing at a certain pace, taking into account a number of factors. various aspects of the situation in Ukraine, including the need to protect troops – including Russian and allied forces in Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as civilians.

If the Russian military would follow the model of the US and other Western countries, we could defeat Ukraine several times by now. It was never intended by Russia… It was an operation to ensure the security of the people of Donbass and to demilitarize Ukraine.”

When asked about the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the Russian official said: “Do you mean that NATO has deployed nuclear weapons in Ukraine? I hope not. Unlike the US, Russia does not station nuclear weapons outside its territory.

Ambassador Chizhov said he was extremely disappointed and saddened when Finland and Sweden decided to join NATO. “I cannot understand why the Finnish government is now choosing to make their country a periphery of NATO. If Finland joins NATO, Russia will take certain military measures, such as … not necessarily troops and tanks, but certain preparations such as radar … maybe I’m not a military expert.

Mr. Chizhov also addressed a personal warning to the West as follows: “Before you burn all bridges with Russia, think about the next day. We must build relations on a new basis, there will be no going back.” .

Hoai Linh