The Russian Ambassador to Poland was spray-painted

Ambassador Andreev and a Russian diplomat were sprayed with red paint at the wreath-laying ceremony at the Soviet War Cemetery in Warsaw, Poland.

“An attack on the Russian ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreyev and the diplomats accompanying him during a wreath-laying ceremony at the Soviet military cemetery in Warsaw. Neo-fascism fans are showing his face again,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said today.

Pictures released by Russian media showed Ambassador Andreev and his staff with red paint on their faces and clothing, surrounded by crowds chanting slogans and holding Ukrainian flags. “I’m proud of my country and my president,” he said as he smeared paint across his face.

Ambassador Andreev later said he was not seriously injured in the attack.

The Russian ambassador to Poland was spray-painted

Ambassador Andreev and Russian diplomats were spray-painted in Warsaw today. Video: Ria Novosti.

“Like I said before, let’s not be intimidated. It’s terrible for Europeans to see their reflection in the mirror,” added spokeswoman Zakharova.

Polish authorities have not commented on the incident.

Relations between Moscow and Warsaw are strained because of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine. Poland, Ukraine’s western neighbor, has led calls for the European Union to tighten sanctions against Moscow and for NATO to supply Ukraine with weapons to counter Russian forces.

Kremlin spokesman Peskov last week accused Poland of posing a potential threat to “Ukraine’s territorial integrity.” Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, warned in March that Poland would not pay a high price for the “anti-Russian syndrome”.

vu appendix (Corresponding Ria Novosti)