The whole house was invaded by thousands of creatures, the family screamed because they could not stay or live – Channel 14

British media recently released a video showing the “pathetically funny” story of a family in the town of Salford, Greater Manchester.

The video captures the scene of thousands of buzzing wasps creating a tumultuous noise throughout the home. Family members were trapped inside for several days without being rescued. They didn’t even dare open the door or go out for fear of being swarmed by bees.

The whole house was invaded by thousands of creatures, the family cried out to God because they could not stay or live - photo 1.

Thousands of wasps trapped out of nowhere have trapped families in their homes

Julie, the mother of the woman who lives in the house, whose name has not been released, told the Manchester Evening News: “My daughter, her husband and their children are stuck in the house. They have been in this situation for a few days. Neighbors are also affected. My daughter had to lock all the windows and the door. Nobody dares step outside, my grandchildren are not allowed to play. “

The wasps are said to have nested in the property’s attic and the family fears the wasps pose a serious threat to their safety.

Ms Julie’s son, Mr Kieron, said those trapped inside had tried to get experts to solve the problem but nothing had been implemented so far.

I said: “They invade the garden, on the street, outsiders don’t dare to go through the door because they are too crowded. I did some research on the internet and learned that when a wasp stings you, it leaves a smell. Smell.” your body and then a whole swarm of bees flock to you because they want to protect the queen. Wasp stings can quickly lead to death.”

Kieron continued: “We called 4 beekeeping experts but no one answered. We have problems because we don’t know what to do. I don’t know if it’s safe to let this go on for a few more days because there’s a problem. 4 kids in there. It’s silly.”

Wasps can be really dangerous. Earlier this week a British woman (67) traveling in Spain died after being stung by a wasp.

In particular, Ingrid Dale was eating at a restaurant on the Costa Blanca with family and friends at the time. Although medical personnel performed CPR, she died at 3:00 p.m. local time on Monday (May 9).

The whole house was invaded by thousands of creatures, the family was screaming because they could not stay or live - photo 2.

The 67-year-old woman was dining at the Hill Top pub in Moraira, just north of the popular resort of Benidorm.

A spokesman for the Spanish Guardia Civil confirmed: “Police were present at the restaurant where the incident took place after a 67-year-old British woman was stung by a wasp. She was given urgent care by paramedics on the restaurant’s terrace. The victim was then taken to an ambulance and died of cardiac arrest. A doctor confirmed her death around 3 p.m. local time.”