Ukraine announced that it laid mines on a Russian armored train

Ukraine says its guerrillas laid mines to intercept a Russian armored train at Melitopol in the southeastern Zaporizhia province.

“The explosive device placed under the tracks exploded under the wagon, damaging the tracks and rolling stock,” Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Service said in a May 18 statement.

It is believed that the Russian armored train had 10 wagons and a mine laid by Ukrainian guerrillas exploded in the occupied wagon.

Former mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov said the Ukrainian guerrilla group killed more than 100 people belonging to Russian forces and carried out more than 20 successful counterattacks in the city.

Russian armored train near Melitopol on March 7th.  Photo: Reform.

Russian armored train near Melitopol on March 7th. Picture: Reform.

The military authorities of the Zaporizhia province also announced on the morning of May 18 that high-ranking Russian commanders had been killed by Ukrainian guerrillas in Melitopol. The Ukrainian side is distributing leaflets in support of the country in public places in Melitopol.

Russia has not commented on these reports.

Russian forces took control of Melitopol on February 26, two days after launching a special military operation in Ukraine, and then formed a new government in that city.

Satellite images earlier this month showed Russian forces apparently using a Ukrainian airbase in Melitopol. Control of Melitopol, Mariupol and Ukraine’s southern coast is helping Russia create a vital land corridor linking the pro-Russian separatist-controlled region to the east with the Crimean Peninsula.

Location of Melitopol.  Graphics: BBC.

Location of Melitopol. Graphic: BBC.

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