Ukraine received $6.5 billion donation, Russia retaliated against Denmark

Representatives of the countries participating in the international donor conference for Ukraine. Photo: AP

According to Reuters news agency, the conference was jointly organized by Poland and Sweden and was attended by prime ministers and ambassadors representing many European countries as well as other countries and a number of companies. The conference was organized to help Ukraine deal with the economic and humanitarian consequences of the Russian attack.

At the press conference at the end of the event, Mr Morawiecki gave a higher estimate, saying more than €7 billion had been raised. Several countries such as France, Finland, Czech Republic, Croatia and many others have pledged millions of euros to support humanitarian and military efforts in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, Kyiv has received $12 billion in arms and economic aid.

Russia expels many Danish diplomats

Danish Embassy in Moscow. Photo: RT

Russia’s Foreign Ministry reported that Moscow has declared seven Danish embassy employees undesirable in the country and must leave Russia within two weeks. In addition, a Danish diplomat was refused a visa by Russia.

The reciprocal measure comes after Copenhagen declared 15 employees of Russia’s embassy in Denmark and Russia’s trade representatives in the country undesirable, Russia’s foreign ministry said, and military aid to Ukraine.

The Russian side noted that Denmark’s open anti-Russian policy has seriously damaged bilateral relations. The Russian Foreign Ministry also said Moscow has the right to take additional retaliatory measures for the Copenhagen crackdown.

Japan unveils plan to replace imported energy from Russia

Photo: RT

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio said today (May 5) that Japan will use nuclear power to help itself and the world reduce dependence on Russian energy.

According to RT news agency, Prime Minister Kishida announced that nuclear power will be part of Japan’s future energy policy. “We will deploy safe nuclear reactors to help reduce the world’s dependence on Russian energy. Restarting an existing nuclear reactor would have the same effect as delivering 1 million tons of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) per year to the world market.”

For more than a decade, energy-poor Japan has relied on Russia to reduce its dependence on the Middle East and make up for lost nuclear power. Japan has become more dependent on Russian gas since shutting down its nuclear reactors after the 2011 Fukushima disaster. According to the Japan Foreign Trade Agency, Russia will supply 3.6% of its crude oil and 8.8% of LNG to the country in 2021.

Hoai Linh