US arms support for Ukraine, Republican congressman warns of ominous things

Monday, May 9, 2022 12:00 (GMT+7)

US defense contractors want the Pentagon to sign new contracts to begin ramping up production to fill inventory shortages.


U.S. President Joe Biden visits a Lockheed Martin Javelin missile manufacturing facility in Alabama on May 3, 2022.

Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher said the US was in a rush to get arms to Ukraine, causing Washington to “lose years of spare arms.”

This directly affects the US’s ability to support Taiwan should the island come into conflict with mainland China.

“We’re running low on supplies,” Congressman Gallagher, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, told Fox News. “We spent seven years stockpiling Javelin missiles to help Ukraine. Equally important is the need to remain ready to support Taiwan in the event of Chinese aggression.”

“Taiwan also needs to be supported with similar weapon systems while our arsenal is running low at the moment,” Gallagher added.

US President Joe Biden’s administration has provided Ukraine with military aid totaling $4 billion. Mr. Biden wants Congress to approve a new $33 billion assistance budget, including $20 billion for arms and other forms of military aid to Ukraine.

On May 9, Mr. Biden is expected to sign the Lend-Lease 2022 Act, paving the way for the US to provide unlimited military assistance to Ukraine, just as the US helped its allies in World War II.

The Javelin missiles mentioned by Congressman Gallagher are shoulder-launched anti-tank missiles. The US has sent 5,000 Javelin missiles to Ukraine, an estimated 30% of its arsenal.

According to observers, the US has also sent 25% of the Stinger missiles in stock to Ukraine. With the conflict showing no signs of ending anytime soon, the US will need to send even more Javelin and Stinger missiles to Ukraine in large numbers.

American arms companies are still waiting for the Pentagon to officially sign new orders to speed up production. “The defense industry needs more investment from the government,” Eric Fanning, president of the American Aerospace Industry Association, told the Wall Street Journal.

Recently, Russia has begun to focus on conducting airstrikes and destroying weapons backed by the US and the West into Ukraine. It is not clear how many US weapons have reached the Ukrainian military. According to experts, some weapons can be lost or smuggled on the black market.


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