Watch a movie "hot” saw the female lead look like a wife, husband got jealous and caused tragedy

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 13:00 (GMT+7)

When he happened to see the female lead in an erotic film very similar to his wife, the husband got angry, thinking that the wife was hiding from the family and doing an unacceptable job.

When watching one

The husband started torturing his wife after seeing the character in the “hot” movie who looked like his wife. (Illustration)

Unexpected discovery

Recently, a man killed his wife at his home in Ramanagar town, Bengaluru city, Karnataka state, southern India. The motive for the murder was that the husband was jealous because he thought his wife would be in an adult film.

The horrific incident happened on Sunday, April 17, 2022 at noon. The suspect was identified as Jaheer Pasha (40 years old) and the victim was his wife – Mubeena (35 years old).

According to police records, Jaheer and Mubeena have been married for 15 years. The couple have 5 children together. Jaheer is the driver while Mubeena stays at home and takes care of the family.

Jaheer is known to be addicted to porn. This man often takes advantage of watching movies while working outside. About 2 months ago, while looking forward to the scenes of a “hot” movie, Jaheer suddenly froze when he suddenly realized that the heroine looked a lot like his wife.

Although Mubeena insisted she wasn’t when questioned by her husband, Jaheer has since been stalked and suspected that his wife is no longer faithful and hiding from family and relatives doing this unacceptable work.

hell life

Jaheer’s obsession doesn’t end in thought, but also manifests in deeds. The man always doubts his wife’s fidelity and becomes jealous and angry. Jaheer often abused his wife when he got home, which made Mubeena’s life no different than hell.

During a family reunion, Jaheer even mercilessly beat his wife right in front of other family members. The members present that day were very surprised and did not know why Jaheer did this to his wife.

About 20 days before the murder, Jaheer continued to assault his wife so badly that she had to be hospitalized. Mubeena’s father, Mr. Ghouse Pasha, was unable to take his son-in-law’s job and went to the police station to file a complaint alleging Jaheer’s domestic abuse. However, it was Mubeena who prevented her father from doing so. At the time, the woman did not know that it was a serious mistake that she would pay with her life.

On April 17, 2022 at around 12:40 p.m., the couple had another conflict. Unable to contain his anger, Jaheer stabbed his wife multiple times with a knife in front of their children.

The couple’s eldest son saw this and immediately ran to his grandfather’s house nearby to say that his mother had been stabbed by his father. Mr. Ghouse Pasha rushed to the scene but when he arrived he found his daughter dead. The victim’s family later filed a lawsuit against her son-in-law for murder.

The local police are still investigating to find out about Jaheer’s behavior.


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