WHO revealed number of deaths from Covid-19 many times higher than official statistics

According to a new estimate by the World Health Organization (WHO), between January 1, 2020 and January 31, 2020, around 14.9 million people worldwide died directly or indirectly from Covid-19. 12/2021.

Photo: AP

That’s nearly three times the officially announced death toll of about 5.4 million, according to CNN, Reuters and the AP news agency.

Most of the casualties of Covid-19 were concentrated in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. The new WHO report is the most comprehensive report on the number of deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide.

New WHO statistics reflect both the number of deaths from Covid-19 and those dying of indirect causes from coronavirus outbreaks. According to this, the number of deaths from indirect causes is those who do not have access to health services when the health system is overwhelmed during large waves of infections.

In addition, the actual death toll is much higher than the official figure, in part because many deaths are missed in under-recorded countries. Even before the pandemic, about six out of 10 deaths worldwide were unreported, according to the WHO.

According to the WHO, almost half of the deaths so far have not been registered in India. The WHO report shows that 4.7 million Indians have died from the Covid-19 pandemic, mainly due to the sharp rise in the number of infections in May and June last year. However, the Indian government put the death toll much lower at just 480,000 between January 2020 and December 2021.

The WHO panel, made up of international experts who have studied the data for months, has used a combination of national and local information and statistical models to estimate the total number of victims of Covid-19 in places where the data is incomplete .

Hoai Linh