WORLD NEWS May 26: Ukraine accuses NATO of ‘doing nothing’; Russia pays its debts in rubles – youth

WORLD NEWS May 26: Ukraine accuses NATO of doing nothing;  Russia pays its debt in rubles - Photo 1.

Polish Leopard 2PL tank opened fire on May 24 during an exercise with NATO members near Orzysz, Poland – Photo: REUTERS

* Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba criticized NATO for “doing nothing”. to oppose Russia’s military action in Ukraine while praising the European Union for its “revolutionary decisions”.

In an online speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) on May 25, Mr. Kuleba said: “We see NATO as an alliance, as a separate institution, but we do nothing.”

* 25. May Russia announces that it will pay foreign debts in rubles after the US stopped using the waiver that allowed Moscow to make payments in US dollars held in the Russian market.

It is possible that the above debts will then be converted back into the original currency through Russian financial institutions acting as payment agents.

* The scandal of organizing parties at Britain’s prime minister’s palace while the country was applying strict epidemic prevention measures emerged after the full report was released on May 25.

That was shown by the report by senior official Sue Gray, who is considered incorruptible there were more gatherings than were then allowed at the British Prime Minister’s Palace, and there are lower-level officials who think it’s permissible because … there are higher-level officials present.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quick to speak before Parliament about taking “full responsibility” for the so-called “party scandal”, but only apologized and did not speak of resigning.

Court outlaws decision to wear burkini

Burkini AFP

Burkini swimwear (right) has been banned in France since 2016 for safety reasons – Photo: AFP

The decision to allow the wearing of a full-body swimsuit (burkini), approved a week ago by the city council of Grenoble (France), was blocked by the administrative court for “violating the neutrality of the service”. .

According to a narrow majority decision, expected to take effect from June 1, local Muslim women will be allowed to wear burkinis in the city’s swimming pools, men will be allowed to wear long shorts and women will also be allowed to swim topless in the pools.

* commented Achim Steiner, Director General of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The world is facing many crises at the same timefrom the rising national debt to the effects of the conflict in Ukraine to the inflation of energy and food prices.

According to him, there are currently about 60 to 70 countries that are facing all three crises at the same time, and this is also the group that is most worried and needs support from the international community, but has not yet received adequate support.

* Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro defends police as ‘warriors’ after the raid on the Vila Cruzeiro slum in the city of Rio de Janeiro on May 24.

During that shootout, which killed 24 people, Brazilian security forces seized a large number of weapons, including dozens of pistols, 10 grenades and at least 13 rifles.

Vila Cruzeiro is one of the dens of Comando Vermelho – the most notorious drug trafficking organization in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Last May, 28 people died in a clash between police and drug dealers in the Jacarezinho slum – another Comando Vermelho “base” in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

WORLD NEWS May 26: Ukraine accuses NATO of doing nothing;  Russia pays its debts in rubles - photo 4.

The number of weapons Brazilian police seized from drug gangs after the May 24 clash in Vila Cruzeiro – Photo: REUTERS

* Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy orders an end to visa-free travel for Russian citizens, under the pretext of improving border security after the conflict with Moscow. According to Reuters news agency, Zelensky said he had sent a letter urging Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal to work on ending visa-free travel.

Russian citizens were previously allowed to visit neighboring Ukraine without a visa.

Although he gave no further details, Mr Zelensky said he supports a citizens’ petition to end the mechanism.

* The Institute of International Finance (IIF) has halved its global GDP growth forecast for 2022 because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the COVID-19 epidemic in China and the tight monetary policy of the USA.

According to Reuters, the IIF lowered its forecast for global GDP growth to 2.3% from 4.6%.

Among them, the US, Japan and the euro zone are forecast to grow by 1.9% this year. The IIF expects China’s growth to slow to 3.5% from a previously estimated 5.1%.

The IIF also forecasts capital inflows to emerging markets to fall 42 percent year-on-year.

On the same day, World Bank President David Malpass warned that Russia’s “special military action” in Ukraine could now trigger a global recession. The conflict in Ukraine is leading to food, energy and fertilizer shortages worldwide.

WORLD NEWS May 26: Ukraine accuses NATO of doing nothing;  Russia pays its debts in rubles - photo 5.

A police officer hugs his colleague as he speaks of the need to identify the bodies of 19 children in the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, U.S. on May 25 – Photo: REUTERS

* On May 26, a US federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a group of gun manufacturers, dealers and distributors. According to Reuters, the lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of a law in New York that allows the state and those affected by gun violence to sue the industry.

* On May 25, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced that both Russia and Iran have vast oil and gas reserves, but exports of these items are limited due to Western sanctions.

Speaking to Iranian TV, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said, “Iran can become a strategic transit point for transportation and logistics, thereby ensuring the movement of goods.”

On the same day, Shana News Agency reported that Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji shared the same view.

According to Mr. Owji, the two sides have potential for cooperation in energy, banking, transportation, agriculture, nuclear power, industry and trade, and “the two countries plan to strengthen trade ties in various areas. This sector to 40 billion USD/year”. Russia and Iran have also agreed to switch to their national currency as much as possible.

WORLD NEWS May 26: Ukraine accuses NATO of doing nothing;  Russia pays its debts in rubles - photo 6.

An injured man is taken to hospital after a bomb blast in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan on May 25 – Photo: AP

* On May 25, the European Commission (EC) approved the second annual work program of the European Defense Fund (EDF) with a budget of up to 924 million euros.

According to a statement on the EK’s website, a week after a joint discussion on the defense investment gap, the EK disbursed new capital to invest in and improve strategic defense capabilities.

In addition, EDF 2022 is introducing a set of new tools to accelerate defense innovation under the European Union Defense Innovation Program (EUDIS).

EUDIS will work closely with the Innovation Center of the European Defense Agency. The work programme, which includes 33 themes set out in eight proposals, will begin in early June to launch specific iconic projects, from cybersecurity to space and naval warfare.

* As announced on Telegram, the so-called Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for an attack in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan.

According to the newspaper Washington PostA series of blasts have rocked Afghanistan, including one at a mosque in the capital Kabul, killing at least five worshipers.

On May 25, the Taliban announced that in addition to the explosion at the mosque, there had also been three truck bombs in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, killing nine passengers.

During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which ends on April 30, attacks on places of worship and civilians erupted in this Southwest Asian country.